The K2: Episode 14


Here comes my rant. Where the hell were the other JSS guys when K2 was fighting alone? He’s just lucky to have a truck pass by or he would have died after jumping from that height. The JSS guys searching for the “thing” now knows as the memory card was so obvious and the chief was like, act as we are just looking at flowers. Dozens of guys looking around at a same place, I wonder if anyone’s stupid enough not to notice. Anna dear, why did you took the stairs from the ground floor to ninth floor, when you could have taken the elevator to the eighth floor and then could have walked to the stairs. Girl just used her energy for no reason. I know, I know she’s was worried and all, whatever. What’s with the random PPL of Subway? Way to ruin a date and a scene.

And after everything Yoo jin has done for K2, he betrays her. I knew this was gonna happen and that’s why I wanted him to just go away with Anna but Yoo jin wanted him by her side. I still don’t believe the feelings she’s for him is love as in love between a man and a woman. The affection she’s for K2 is different and it can be seen when he’s dying and she and Anna were praying for him. Miss Red’s reaction was hilarious, she’s annoyed. Since last episode, Miss Red’s become Miss Rude again. I felt pain when K2 was “betraying” Yoo jin. She felt it too and now maybe she’ll appear as a wicked woman to him because that’s the image he’s of her but first the white-haired whatever his name’s has betrayed Yoo jin, by siding with her brother, and she’s in danger and K2 is injured.

Yoo jin has this majestic feel and look to her and I can’t help but pause every time she’s on my screen. Ahem. Yoo jin definitely has a plan and Anna’s not a part of it. That’s why she’s making sure Anna stays out of the limelight and when she meddled in, Yoo jin had no choice but to eliminate her. Yes, maybe I’m making and finding excuses to justify Yoo jin but she’s said again and again that she doesn’t want to harm Anna and wants her to do whatever she wants without ruining her plan. Her expression changed when Anna called her “Mother” even though she’s the one who told her to say but that word affected her and she really quickly got back to her cold stance. Yes, she threats Anna to leave or people near her will have to bear the consequences but that’s for her own safety. She knows the fight she’s fighting is an ugly one.


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