Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 21


Lets just talk about the good things first because I’m about to cry and don’t know when will I stop.

So, Na ri’s reaction is just MEH after calming her racing heart because she wanted a proper proposal and Hwa shin thinks if he’s rejected. Jung won is still pinning on Na ri and she tells him that she’s going to marry Hwa shin if he asked her again so Jung won should stop but he doesn’t want her to marry Hwa shin and speak of the devil and he appears angry because he’s changed and he’s not like Jung won thinks he’s anymore. He wants to marry Na ri and have kids. Na ri is touched.

Hwa shin and Na ri make a final visit to the doctor. Hwa shin has completed his treatment and is happy, Na ri gets teary eyed and everyone dances, even the stone faced nurse. They run into the anchorman’s wife, Na ri’s partner on the news and evade the problem or not.

Long long ago when Hwa shin was diagnosed with cancer and was upset he’s conned but he’d no idea and this comes to light again because the one who conned him was Ppal gang and the two boys. Both the moms try to control the damage control because they know what kind of upright person Hwa shin is and Hwa shin is still clueless on what’s going on. In trying to help Ppal gang Rak and second mum become a couple. Lets just forget the earring they dropped in Hwa shin’s cupboard.

Brothers always protect their sisters, doesn’t matter if the sisters are younger or older. Na ri’s brother makes sure Hwa shin knows that he’s there for his sister and Hwa shin tries to explain that he’s a good guy.

It’s the first snowfall of the year and Na ri expects Hwa shin to propose her again. He pretends he’s no clue what she’s saying but then proposes her indirectly and she indirectly says, yes.

And that’s it people here is where the happy party ends.

Doc calls Hwa shin and asks him to come alone. He lies to Na ri and visits the doc. He dreads if the cancer came back and no, that didn’t happen. He can’t have kids. Hwa shin’s world comes down. Why him? First cancer then this! He only wanted to marry and have kids and live a happy live. Was that too much to ask for? He even planned for his mother to meet Na ri.

Okay I was so not ready for this. I admit I hated Hwa shin and his arrogance but I never wished for this. And now Hwa shin is gonna push Na ri again. He can’t give her the happiness they were dreaming about. She’s gonna hate him and Jung won will be there and they will lead a happy life and Hwa shin… he’ll remain a bad guy for Na ri’s happiness and later she will come to know the truth……AND I DON’T WANT DRAMA TO GO IN THIS DIRECTION!


6 comments on “Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 21

  1. Naya says:

    Ya, such a bad thing … Why did the writer do did to us? Why did she make a new problem? Ahhh, I don’t know about this drama again … TT_TT

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  2. Naya says:

    I’m seeing spoiler about ep 22 … And I hate that people on the broadcast station always cruel to Na Ri, they always underestimated her, I hate that. Especially that Park Jerk Reporter, I wish him to diee … His harsh word, nothing good come from his mouth. I don’t hate the mother, birth mom or step mom, they always help Na Ri anyway … Na Ri just trying her best to be announcer and do her work, isn’t she good enough? Why do this show made Na Ri like she was not capable?

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    • Miss Khan says:

      seriously, what’s wrong with the people!! and i want that jerk reporter to get a scare. he needs to be pranked about him having cancer, lets see how he enjoys. that stupid jerk is just jealous of Na ri. he knows she’s more than capable than him, that’s why he’s constantly bothering her. he’s trying to scare her but he’s forgotten the beating from hwa shin and needs another doze.


  3. TOMBRAIDER says:

    2 remaining episodes and it will be finished next week, but i feel like there still are lots of things that need to be settled. I will continue watching till the very end, Reporter Lee, Fighting!

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