Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 19

Yes, I admit~

And Nari has finally admitted she likes Hwa shin more. Everyone knew and she knew as well but she dragged Jung won into this mess, broke his heart and told him she likes the other guy and leaves. Don’t you dare come back for him because I have a feeling that’s going to happen.

Hwa shin can’t contain his happiness and starts dancing but he still has some decency and feels sorry for his friend. Na ri too feels bad and cries. I wonder what Jung won said is true, Hwa shin only wanted Na ri because Jung won’s interested in her and Hwa shin will leave her within few months. If that happens I don’t want Jung won to take Na ri. She broke such a great guy’s heart over an arrogant jerk who suddenly developed feelings for her when she’s ready to move on and he isn’t even thinking about marriage and on the other hand Jung won is ready to marry her.

Hye won is acting different. I never thought of her to be a competitive type in love. Maybe she’s doing this because Hwa shin embarrassed her in front of his mother or maybe she thought Hwa shin would come to her one day but then Na ri happened. It just so happened and now Hwa shin and Na ri sit together for the special news coverage.  

I knew it! Second wife wants another chance with Rak and this makes the first wife envious. She can’t lose a great guy and her daughter to second wife.


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