Natsume Yuujinchou Go: Episode 4


Wait! Where did the episode go? I swear I was watching Natsume sitting with Matoba in his car reluctantly and suddenly the ending song came up. Is this the power of Matoba? No, that’s how amazing the episode was. Go Natsume go!

Okay so Matoba succeeds in blackmailing Natsume and takes him to one of his mansions to catch the yokai who is attacking other exorcists. He wants Natsume to join his clan and even though Natsume says he won’t Matoba doesn’t back off but offers him time and again.

Natsume walks around as Matoba’s shiki. His spiritual power allows him to see the mask that has possessed the exorcists and one would think that makes it easier for him but no, and Matoba draws a talisman on Natsume’s hand that will show the real face of the yokai if it touched.

Natsume learns about Matoba clan when some exorcists were talking about it and learned about the yokai taking the right eye because Matoba ancestors betrayed him and Seiji securing his eye by putting a spell on it.

Its Natsume who found the mask yokai and asked the people to run but those damn annoying people left their brain at home or they never had one and Matoba steps in and kills it with his bow and arrow and everyone suddenly starts praising him BUT its Natsume who found it! Where is his credit!!

I like how Natsume said to Seiji he hasn’t made any contact with Madara but a promise and it’s because of that he’s faithful to him. We didn’t get to see Seiji’s expression. I see sadness in him when he’s talking to Natsume and then he suddenly changes his tone and says, human are cowards. I want to know more about him. 

I knew the moment I saw the white thingies helping Natsume that it’s Natori helping from behind and not letting Natsume know it’s him but Seiji realized it when he saw one paper flying away.


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