The K2: Episode 10

Has Yoo jin really fallen for K2? She doesn’t seem like a woman who would indulge herself in romance when she has a revenge to fulfill or whatever she’s doing. I loved this scene though.

Miss Red is now Miss rude biatch, who thinks her madam has changed because of K2 and now wants him dead with Anna. She’s failed once but isn’t afraid to try it again.

Anna has taken charge of her own life and isn’t scared to tell that to Yoo jin. She comes out to the world and tells that she wants to know about her mother’s death. Yoo jin considers her a threat and wants her eliminated once and for all.

Se joon thought he would get out of the prosecution scot free and was this close but rival pulled some strings and now Se joon is about to be arrested.

There’s no choice left but to kill rival and K2 is chosen for the job and it’s a difficult task and he may not come back alive. K2 takes the job on the condition of Anna’s safety.

K2 and Anna’s romance is in full swing. They share a kiss confirming their feelings for each other but K2 is to leave on his mission and he promises to come back alive to her.


5 comments on “The K2: Episode 10

  1. Jo says:

    She wants to feel needed, wanted, and vulnerable around someone and she can do that with JH but she’s miserable because she knowa she can’t have him . MISS RED IS CRAZY OMG but I think its because she cares anf in weird way loves YJ and wants her to be happy I think she may have killed the mom. Omg, ANNA IN THIS EPISODE DID NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE! When she walked and started talking about her mom😱😱😱 SJ gets what he deserves, romance is awkwardly cute😘😘😘and the ending made me sad. Sidenote: i can’t stand the brother and some ppl(twitter and insta) are coming up with the weird assumption that YJ is JH’s mother😂😂what do you think

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    • Miss Khan says:

      i like YJ and K2’s interactions, and that’s a very nice theory YJ being K2’s mum. i never thought about that but didn’t SJ said she can’t have kids and YJ never gave the mother vibe but a lovers vibe who know they can’t be together.
      Miss Red crazy biatch needs to calm down and i too think she killed Anna’s mother.
      i just went WOOHOOO! when Anna walked into the studio and YJ went pale. her romance with K2 “YOU’RE MINE” she’s taken charge.

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