The K2: Episode 9


Did I miss something? It feels like I did and I went back to see if I saw the previous episode and I yes I have. But why was K2 suddenly angry and Yoo jin? Didn’t they talk about Anna and her coming out and pretended everything’s fine as it’s? Yoo jin is playing the victim card. She’s believed she’s the victim in whatever is happening. I still like her so much, the main reason being the actress herself.

The last episode ended on rival looking at K2’s background but there wasn’t any mention of that anymore but Yoo jin and K2 are STILL planning to bring my down.

Anna comes out of her shell and surprises her protection team by mingling with them. She thanks and apologizes to them for everything they have done.


Yoo jin’s step-brother which I thought wasn’t important has taken the main seat and has taken Anna from Yoo jin along with the team. I wonder why didn’t K2 was asked to come along poor guy had to run and run to search for Anna. Step bro is going with “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Yup, I don’t like him. He’s his own intentions of keeping Anna with him. He’s giving her freedom and acting like a nice uncle but he’s not to be trusted.


J4 and K1 become a couple and Anna admits to herself she’s fallen for K2. She enjoys talking and spending time with him. K2’s dream changed. He always saw Rania’s death in his dream but this time he saw Anna’s death and that’s why he suddenly hugged her and then awkwardness came between them.


5 comments on “The K2: Episode 9

  1. Jo says:

    I think its the way she handled Anna idk and I think YJ is a victim who didn’t want to be one anymore and became a ruthless because look at her mom and her brother but that doesn’t excuse her actions. I mean i understand your family is crazy but… Omg the uncle is scary. Anyways I like that Anna is coming out of her shell omg J4 turning into an unnie that was cute and now we have a couple I think they became a couple because any minute they could die so they’re like, WHO CARES. The otp are awkwardly cute and when he saw her die like wow

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    • Miss Khan says:

      everything is in YJ’s control and then she tells K2 she’s like Rania but Rania didn’t had any power. she didn’t know what was happening and YJ is making sure the one who gave her trouble and headache are not to stay safe and sound.
      i’m finally liking J4 YAY! at least Anna has a friend now. i watched the dying scene twice to make sure i wasn’t seeing things and i was right, its Anna he saw.


      • Jo says:

        YJ is a “victim” of her past circumstances but not anymore idk how she can compare herself to Rania. I like J4 and Anna, so happy they are close and J4 seems “more human”. And yes!! He saw Anna and that was so heartbreaking when he woke up😭😭

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        • Miss Khan says:

          YJs a victim but she stood up and is now fighting so no one can trample her again. i kinda like this about her.
          K2’s scared he lost Anna too after losing Rania. he doesn’t want to lose anyone else

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          • Jo says:

            The sad thing is all three of the: Anna, YJ, and K2 want to live normal lives but their idea or normalcy and they way they’re going about it is what makes their lives so difficult (does that make sense?)

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