Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 18

It’s a done deal now~

Na ri likes Hwa shin more. There are lots and lots of hints. She stopping him from leaving again and again, getting jealous, caring for him and admitting he made her heart beat faster BUT what about the embarrassment and humiliation she had to endure for three years? I just can’t think how can she forgive a man like him just because her love is now being reciprocated. Hwa shin doesn’t LOVE Na ri. He just can’t accept the fact that a man like him can be dumped after three years so he’s clinging on to Na ri and making himself believe he loves her.

Hwa shin is the same arrogant jerk he’s before. If he did love her back then, he’s too ashamed to admit. WHY would Na ri be with a man who’s ashamed to tell others about the girl he likes? My hate-o-meter went through the roof when Hwa shin humiliated Hye won in front of his mother. Just because someone likes you don’t mean you can go and just embarrass them. He did the same with Na ri but she stayed quiet and cried alone. Hye won isn’t like that. She’s a strong, bold and confident woman. She isn’t the one who will step down and cry in a corner. She will make the other person cry. It wasn’t planned or you might not know with Hye won but she kisses Hwa shin and Na ri happens to see them.

Jung won is the cool and calm type, an ideal type, every girl’s dream man but him being too relaxed and then going in full force is something I’m having a hard time to deal with. 

vlcsnap-2016-10-21-10h53m14s452Ppal gang tells her decision of following her father’s will make the first mom sad and angry. Her dad made the decision of having the second mom take her was because she can’t have kids but first wife is not willing to let go of her own daughter.


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