Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 17


My life is a mess~

Hwa shin was the one who proposed to live together and now it’s happening he hates the idea and Jung won’s house is chosen to live in. Na ri spends time with both of them but her interaction with Hwa shin is totally different from Jung won’s. Hwa shin just casually walks in her room and sits on her bed even though she asks him to leave but then she just cuddles and snuggles with him and then throws him out of the room. She wants to know about him so that’s why she’s shocked to learn he wears glasses. She doesn’t reject his advances.

Hwa shin sharing the same work place with Na ri means he knows if anyone isn’t treating her well and he teaches him a lesson. She gets drunk and asks him not to leave. She worries about him and is more comfortable with him.

Hwa shin isn’t smart or who would go to his own ex-girlfriend’s wedding when she two-timed with his best friend. Na ri is doing the same but both the guys have given the permission. Anyways, Hwa shin’s pride gets crushed when the ex tells she liked Jung won more and then goes on and on about the faults in Hwa shin from which Na ri deduces the ex actually liked Hwa shin more.

Its decision time everywhere.

Rak shows the will of Ppal gang’s father to her. He wanted her to live with second wife and Ppal gang respects her father’s decision. I wonder why did her father chose his second wife? Some major heartbreak is coming. Both the moms love Ppal gang and want to live with her.

I like how cool Hye won is. She kisses some guy and Hwa shin sees her and then she blows kiss at him from the lips where she kissed some other guy. And then we have the announcer girl, I have love-hate relationship with her.


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