Love in the Moonlight: Episode 17


What in the world is happening HERE! I can’t stop my tears. I get that we are at the end but that doesn’t mean I have to suffer this much. I knew and you knew and Young knew and Yoon sung knew what Byeong yeon was doing. He’s saving Sam nom and Young at the same time and what he got in return was death. If not for Yoon sung I wouldn’t have even watched the rest of the episode. He realized Byeong yoon was barely alive. I liked how he didn’t hide from Young and Byeong yeon was in master Jeong’s care. Yoon sung and Young both know the fight between their families is inevitable and one of them will lose and both are trying to protect what’s dear to them.

One month passes and the ministers are again doing what they do best, talking negatively about Young. True young was visiting gisaeng houses and gambling dens but he’s doing his home work and it paid off. He’s able to send two annoying ministers who are always with prime minster to prison or was it hell for them? I hate all the ministers except Young’s father-in-law, he always speaks in favor of Young and the rest of the ministers go on and on how Young isn’t suitable as the crown prince anymore like they are very righteous and want what’s better for the people.

vlcsnap-2016-10-17-22h54m48s668.pngYoon sung knows the queen’s weakness, the little princess that’s abandoned and prime minister hears the conversation. He doesn’t hide from his daughter and tells her straight forward the boy’s no right to be the crown prince. The queen made my jaw drop when she started talking with authority as a queen to her father the prime minister. She has her own trump card. She’s not his daughter, she never knew who her father’s and her mother’s a giseang and with the help of prime minister she’s able to climb at the highest position. Prime minister isn’t someone who would sit still after bring threatened. He makes a plan of his own. The current reign will end and he’s planning on putting Yoon sung on the king’s seat. I don’t know if Young knows about the baby switching but he did give a hint to the prime minister and brought the baby to the palace.

Can I safely say it’s the prime minister who has poisoned Young. The poison was in the bowl that’s why nothing happened to the maid when she tested his drink. Young! you better not die. I can’t take this anymore!



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