The K2: Episode 8

K2 has changed sides. He never belonged to Yoo jin but he was there for her even if she wanted him or not. Now he’s promised Se joon to protect Anna. The thing is he isn’t someone who follows orders so this time he’s following his heart.
Anna first came to the light in Spain when a fashion designer saw her and posted her picture on the internet then she came to light again when she ran from the house and waited for her father at the park. After that she became more popular and people wanted to see her and K2 took this opportunity to show her to the world. It’s his way of protecting her.

Yoo jin sends her hit team to get rid of Anna but K2 strikes again and tells her that was the best option. Yoo jin pretends to believe in him but knows she isn’t with her anymore. She takes care of the situation by showing herself  as Anna’s guardian and pretending she’s worried about her.

Yoo jin takes care so she isn’t touched by the prosecution but makes sure the people who messed with her get screwed.

Anna opens herself to K2 telling him about her mother and how she gave her the sleeping pills because she couldn’t see her drunk because her father never showed up and her mother died that day. She blames herself for killing her mother.

It felt like karma, cute karma. K2 teased Anna by playing a game, stop and go. I used to play this game as well Baraf Pani. Baraf= ice and pani=water. Then he exposes himself when he thinks Anna is going to fall but he trips himself and pretends he’s fine. A small scratch is nothing for a big guy like him.

Does rival shaves every day? That’s not a problem, the problem is he’s looking into K2 because he tried to kill him and finds out he worked for the black something organization.


2 comments on “The K2: Episode 8

  1. Jo says:

    K2 is team Anna and I think that is soooo cute, thought the rooftop scene was beautifully shot, you could see how much he wants to protect her and how much she wants and needs to be vulnerable and trust someone. Weird, I think rival shaves too much and he still has this warpes idea that he is the good guy

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    • Miss Khan says:

      the rooftop scene was funny and cute and k2 was embarrassed that’s why he tried to crawl back like nothing happened. Anna thinks of k2 as a friend that’s why she cried in his arms. she finally has someone to comfort her.
      i hate when rival laughs or has that smile on his face. he’s cunning and he watches first before making a move. he needs to stop shaving or i can bribe the barber to shave his veins off *evil laugh* MUHAHAHAHAA

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