Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 15


Makeup your mind Na ri, the hell you doing woman!

Something is wrong with me instead of enjoying the ridiculousness I’m annoyed at everyone but I still enjoy the show.

Na ri says it out loud, she likes both the guys and knows its wrong so she thinks its better to break up with both of them and go in hiding or she’s another choice, she will not date or love anyone else…so she said and then one month later she’s meeting with Lee Sun kyun’s voice. I approve! I mean I wanted someone else to take Na ri so everyone can be friends again.


I don’t know what to think of Hwa shin and Jung won. Whatever reasons Na ri have they are not willing to accept her decision of breaking up with them. They both end up fighting with each other in the middle of the street with Hwa shin almost naked because he’s wearing the clothes Jung won gave and he demanded them back. Pathetic boys convey their feelings for her and I don’t know if the voice mail reached her. Hwa shin goes and crosses the boundary and comes up with a plan. Na ri should date both of them. He doesn’t care because he’ll get to see her. Jung won and Na ri leave after hearing this absurdity. This guy needs treatment not in his chest but in the head as well.

Na ri’s love life doesn’t affect her work. She sits on her anchor position and takes tips from the second wife on how to do it better because she’s still an intern and not a full-time worker.

Both mums think how and who should tell Rak that they are not interested in him but he hears them and they feel sorry for him. I loved when both the women fought and I like how they have become friends. First wife has a man who wants her but she isn’t interested in him, yet.

Hwa shin and his mother’s relationship seems stable but he isn’t interested in anything because Na ri is on his mind all the time. I hated him when he kissed Na ri forcibly and was glad when she slapped him. He’s a rude jerk then he started making those puppy faces and now my feelings for him are on hold. I’ll have to see what he’ll do next before liking him again.

Jung won’s mother gave me more reason to hate her. She saw her son gloomy and drunk and realized its everything to do with Na ri. She went to her place and slapped her. I know Na ri’s wrong but that doesn’t mean Jung won mommy can go and slap her and moreover she pushing her son’s wedding to that announcer. 



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