Natsume Yuujinchou Go: Episode 2


There’s something in my eye and someone is cutting onions and its raining. Okay I admit I’m crying.

Longing and waiting is painful and the yokai, they’ll remember forever but humans will soon forget because the life span and the memories of the two differ greatly.

Natsume meets a cute little impolite yokai and she’s here to ask help from him. She’ll help him if he wants to curse anyone in return. She has a towel and wants to return to its owner and the thing is she met the owner fifty years ago. It’s a rainy day and the yokai was dancing in the rain and the man saw her and gave the towel, after that he wasn’t able to see her. The yokai realized the humans usually can’t see yokai except for some occasions but this didn’t stop the yokai from meeting him but all for nothing. He suddenly stopped coming at the usual place and the yokai got worried and wondered if the old man died and asks for Natsume’s help.


Natsume, the kindhearted guy, finds the old man through his grand daughter and returns the towel but the old man has no memory of it. Yokai is sad she isn’t remembered but happy that the old man’s alive. Natusme for her happiness asks the old man to give something in return and gets another towel. The little yokai thanks Natsume. *wipes tears*

Natume’s friend’s love story ends before it could start. On one rainy day a girl gave him an umbrella and he and the friends thought something will happen but she had a boyfriend. Why then she gave the umbrella to him and broke his heart?


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