Weekly Watching-2


There’s once a time I only watched Japanese dramas and now I’m not even watching one. Is there a change in my taste or the Jdramas are not that good anymore? I need to hunt some nice Jdramas.


Rakshasa Street– right now on the 15th episode. I was planning on skipping all the episodes that features the heroine but her guardian spirit suddenly appeared intriguing my interest but she’s still useless and I think I should give her some more time while I enjoy the brothers’ story. Prepare some tissues it’s a feel trip there. I hate that white dude whatever his name is, the one who has the blue haired and half naked spirit guardian. Can that guardian leave his master? It doesn’t look like he likes to serve his master.

91 Days– Angelo is one hell of a guy. His planning and calculation makes me go speechless but when Corteo killed Fango my jaw fell and rolled out of the door. Dammit this anime is amazing! I had some compassion for Nero but not anymore. I just want Angelo to kill him after what happened to Corteo. I was hoping a miracle to happen but Angelo killed Corteo. Kill everyone in the Vanetti family, Angelo. 2 more episodes to go.


Fukigen no Mononokean/ The Morose Mononokean– where have you been more like what was I doing neglecting you like this? This anime has Natsume Yuuchinchou feel to it which means I love everything it’s to tell. The yokai are cute and lovely and so are the boys. The story is of a boy Ashiya Hanae (the dark haired guy) who has the ability to see the yokai and one day a cute fur ball yokai literally attaches himself to him and this is where Abeno Haruitsuki (the blond dude) comes in. He’s an exorcist and the owner of Mononokean and Ashiya’s classmate. He helps Ashiya and in return Ashiya works for him. There’s this mysteriousness going on with Ashiya. He’s some sort of powers and I don’t think he knows about it yet. Abeno has his problems, he’s been accused of killing the former owner of Mononokean but its not true. Mononokean is a yokai room which can talk err write…communicate and can use emoticons. He’s friendly with Ashiya. Abeno acts all rude and is short tempered but he cares for Ashiya. Bromance! I have seen 10 episodes and three more to go.



The Mystic Nine– and I was not on episode 30. This is what happens when I don’t bookmark. Anyways, I did find the episode and because I left the drama for some time I had no idea what was happening. I feel like my memory towards some dramas is of blow fish or was it gold fish, the one who forgets. Fo Ye and Xin yue’s tiny romance is cute. I still don’t know why he’s sleeping and what does it have to do with his family secrets. Do I have to re-watch some of the episodes and torture myself with that foreigner? No! I’ll just move on, I’ll forget anyways. Er Ye and Ya tou’s love’s tiring. Ba Ye is the lucky one in this situation. He doesn’t have a girl yet. I like is naivety but sometimes he surprises me by using his brains. I still have ton of episodes to watch. 


Scarlet Heart– I stopped on episode 5 because I couldn’t see wolf-man in pain, that’s one of the reasons. Yes, I forgot his name and how many O’s it contained or I will confuse myself with the girl’s name. I couldn’t understand how can everyone call the fourth prince“ugly”. They need an ophthalmologist or an optician. Now that I have left the drama I’m hearing good things about it. What if I start again and I’m not satisfied? Dilemma…hmmmm…

scarlet heart.jpg

Bin Roye– watched both the episodes, 1-2. Pretty! I was awestruck at some scenes. The director deserves a pat on his back.

The story is about a girl, Saba, who had a crush on her older cousin, Irtaza, and something did happen in their life and Saba is having a difficult time because of that. That’s what the current time line shows. To know why is Saba depressed we go back to the happy times.

Irtaza’s an orphan and his grandma and uncles, aunts love him. He cares and loves Saba, his cousin, like a sister but since she was young Saba has mistaken his gestures and thinks he loves her as she loves him. He leaves for abroad for further studies and meets Saman. Saman is Saba’s older sister but this is kept a secret from the children, except from Irtaza and Saman heard her mother and aunt talking and still stayed silent, Saba’s mother gave her daughter to her brother because he didn’t have a child.

Irtaza and Saman click and they have many things in common. They both like each others company and because of this Irtaza doesn’t visit Pakistan in his vacation but instead leaves with Saman’s family on a trip. Saba is of course upset and doesn’t hide it. Which era is Saba living in? She wrote letters to Irtaza when she has email and modern technologies and what not.

Anyways, the title says Bin Roye (without crying) but anyone can see the heartbreak coming from miles away for Saba and us. Cheating!!!

Drama needs to tell how old the characters are. In the first episode it’s told Irtaza is 30+ or so if I’m not wrong and in the second episode Saba’s wearing a school uniform, that means she’s a high schooler and in her late teens or was that a university uniform? and Saman is 22. I’m not worried about the huge age gap. I have seen couples with a large age gap living happily. I’m worried about the heartbreak.



9 comments on “Weekly Watching-2

  1. Jo says:

    I agree, the J dramas haven’t been that great this season; I think I watched 4 or 5 (Hajimemashite, Aishiteimas was the best, it dealt with child abuse, adoption, and other issues you should check that out). Loved Mystic Nine even though they were stuck in that CAVE FOR SO LONG and I still don’t understand the sleeping thing but have to say, the moments with the OTP made up for the cave and random dream sequence. I started watching Moon Lovers and I like it, never liked that Wook guy from the beginning-manipulative coward and I see now that I was right. It gets better(I started watching because Lee Hi sang the OST and LOVE HER VOICE). I’ll start watching Bin Roye when it has more episodes, I don’t want to get addicted and then have to wait. I agree, the age gap isn’t bad but CHEATING?!! OMG

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      I will definitely check those Jdramas. Thanks.
      you understand Chinese? OTP moments were really cute and i haven’t reached the dream thingy yet. caves were sometimes boring but sometimes interesting. i would probably cry if i ever got lost in one of those caves.
      I dropped Moon Lovers/Scarlet Heart because of Wook. i hated him for cheating on his wife and the half sibling marriage turned me off as well.
      I think i made a mistake when i said “cheating”. i wanted to say the drama title says “without crying/Bin roye” but we will cry because of the heartache and heartbreak.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jo says:

        You should!! I only understand a little(the stuff I learned while watching) but they have subs so I rewatched some of the episodes to makes sure and YES WOOK! I never understood why ppl liked him, he cheatef on his wife, I understand Hae Soo a little because she was transported to another place and he was sweet to her and whatever but NOOOand the half sibling thing too but historically thats why all royals did which I still find a little weird but whatever 😂😂. Omg Im ready to cry, when they have more episodes I will definitely watch Ill be ready with the tissues

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        • Miss Khan says:

          the last Jdrama i watched was Mars and we know how that went. i still hate watching this version
          i never ever want to understand the marriage between the half siblings and cheating. that’s why I’m a bit iffy about continuing Moon lovers. instead of enjoying the series I’ll end up hating everyone. maybe someday I’ll try again.
          Bin roye airs once a week and i don’t know how many episodes it’ll have. usually Pakistani dramas are short, so hopefully it’ll have 25 episodes max.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Jo says:

            Let’s never talk about Mars ahain😂😂😂. Yeah, totally understand but it gets better but Wook turns evil*knew he would*😒😒 Ive noticed that Paki Serials are short but I promise to watch when we get more episodes because I know myself, 1 ep a week is not enough for me😂😂😂

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        • Miss Khan says:

          Mars was a disaster and i never checked if the movie came out or not.
          I’ll see how Moon lovers will end and then i’ll think if i want to watch or not.
          once a week is a torture and sometimes the episode gets cancelled. i remember when Humsafar was airing and was about to end and the channel for some reason never aired the new episode for 2-3 weeks and everyone complained.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Jo says:

            Googled and it said the movie came out in the summer. I really like Moon Lovers 🙂 and WOW 2-3 weeks? Why would they do that? I would have been so angry if I was watching it when it first came out

            Liked by 1 person

        • Miss Khan says:

          i may check the Mars movie just to see how worse can it get.
          the channel was playing with the feelings of the audience and towards the end i thought the drama kinda dragged because i had read the novel and the drama was gaining popularity so the drama got stretched and then it ended still on high ratings.

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