Love in the Moonlight: Episode 15

Do I care about anything else when they are breaking up like this? I don’t! I don’t care about anything else. I only want them to be together and happy. Drama, make it happen! He can’t marry someone he doesn’t love.

Byeong yeon, you beauty, tell me about the hair saloon you visit and thank you for saving Young and Sam nom but you only followed orders, it’s Young who is smart and knew it’s a trap. I hope you come clean to Young or my bromance will be in danger and I don’t like that at all.


Yoon sung is a gentleman. He saves the princess and hates the way his grandfather works. He doesn’t want to walk on the path created by grandpa. I hope you find your happiness. Prime minister, the cunning man even bought a man from the secret organization and kills him when he isn’t needed. I need a really satisfying end for him, for the crimes he’s committed.

I thought Hong Gyeong nae’s dead. What the what…? and now he’s arrested.


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