The K2: Episode 6


I like Yoo jin. She’s evil?! To me she’s not yet. The circumstances and people made her choose the dark side. She said herself, she won’t betray unless the other person does. She’s a definition of hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Are we to sympathize with her or to praise her because she stood on her own after what she went through?

I need something else to persuade myself other than Yoo jin being curious about K2 and wanting to help him in his revenge. It’s confirmed rival did kill the girl K2 liked because she heard something confidential. I won’t say she loves him but there’s some relation some connection she feels towards him and K2 feels the same way that’s why he called her β€œfriend”.

Is Anna’s father, Se joon, really the person she thinks he’s? Why does she believe her father loves her and is neglecting her because of Yoo jin? She ran from the house to meet him. She waited for him where she’s happy memories of her parents and her father dares to forget the place. I will just skip the coincidence how she’s found, for me it’s a bit too much. Even when she’s found he didn’t come because he’s an image to keep. He should have kept his zipper up if he’s too worried about himself.

I think Anna caught K2 lying or maybe she still thinks her father loves her but why would a person who loves you send you something you are allergic to? Think Anna after you get better after getting the CPR from K2.


4 comments on “The K2: Episode 6

  1. Jo says:

    Im about to watch it but seeing clips her needing cpr either her dad doesn’t know her or he is the one literally trying to kill her and not YJ but YJ is just as bad because she using Anna as a tool. It sucks because I totally understand YJ like the life she lives or has lived she needs some sort of collateral to survivw(that’s Anna) and the relationship/ friendship between K2 and YJ yep they have something idk what but its there. Anna and K2 have to step up their game and yes, lets get rid of J4 πŸ˜”πŸ˜³πŸ˜’

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    • Miss Khan says:

      i think the ice cream was from K2 and of course he didn’t know she has allergy to strawberries but if its from her father then sdjfkdj87#%^%90jdfh what kind of a loser dad is he! YJ is doing a favor then in hiding Anna if her father is out there to kill her.
      i like the i-don’t know but i like them together- for K2 and YJ. i need some time and more scenes for K2 and Anna to feel something for them. stupid J4 needs to stay in the corner where i can’t see her.

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      • Jo says:

        I realized that later but if it had been her dad that would have been sick tsk tsk tsk and yes, more scenes with Anna or K2 because its turning into the K2 and YJ unlikely love story with random J4 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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        • Miss Khan says:

          Anna’s father doesn’t like her but for some reason she’s the reason he’s being blackmailed by YJ. i still don’t understand why.
          but i actually enjoy K2 and YJ scenes more maybe because they had more scenes together or i don’t know why. ahahhaa random J4 and her subway sandwiches


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