Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 14

Don’t you ever let go~  YEAH RIGHT!

I feel like Hwa shin and Na ri are making fun of Jung won. I admit her feelings and chemistry has started to drop when she’s with Jung won. Na ri doesn’t like Jung won. Hwa shin promised he wont say anything to Na ri about his feelings, then he changed his mind and even was willing to have a crush on her. You don’t say this to a person who had a crush on you for three years and still have feelings for you. What is this!!!

Stop playing with Jung won’s heart. I don’t feel the sincerity when Na ri said she loved Jung won more. He’s the only one crazily in love with her like she’s with Hwa shin. Na ri comparing the two, Hwa shin and Jung won, and saying how good Jung won is between the two was her conscience telling her to choose the good guy but for what!! her heart beats for Hwa shin. She looks for him first. She cares for him. She loves him. She never stopped loving him.

Hwa shin’s desire to become the announcer of 9 crumbles because he made the heli take a detour without permission and he gets suspended for one month and with 6 months pay cut. Na ri on the other hand passes the test thanks to Hwa shin and becomes the announcer but she isn’t happy because of Hwa shin taking the blame and suffering alone.

Jung won is fighting with his mom for Na ri’s sake and she is with Hwa shin kissing him and confirming the feelings. I hate them now.

I need a solid reason some logic for Na ri in choosing Hwa shin again. Love is blind but I’m not so give me something to soothe and calm my bleeding heart.

Hwa shin mommy I thought this was a secret. She told Ppal gang about Hwa shin’s cancer. Wasn’t this supposed to be a secret! Everyone is making me angry!


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