Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 13

Mothers know their child the best~

Great comparison between the two mothers. There’s no mother in this world who wants unhappiness for her child. Hwa shin and his mother’s scene was so touching. She forgot all about her anger and just cried for her son because of his cancer. She wants him to do whatever he wants to do. She just wants him to be happy.

And then we have Jung won’s mother. She makes sure her son is unhappy and does it deliberately. She only cares about her happiness and IF Na ri went back to Hwa shin I don’t want to imagine her going, I knew it bla bla bla…

It’s a race against the time. Has Hwa shin lost his chance to say his feelings to Na ri? Yes, Na ri has seen the pictures and they both have talked about it briefly but she made it clear that she’s in love with Jung won and Hwa shin should get over with his feelings for her. What does Hwa shin do? He burns the pictures and he makes sure she reaches to her screen test in time.

Jung won’s going against his mother’s wishes for he wants to be happy as well. Even though both friends didn’t plan together to help Na ri but it happened and her heart has started to waver in Hwa shin’s direction.

Once upon a time two strong, bold and confident women were going crazy because of a man and then that man reveled some of his secrets like how he can’t do things ordinary couple do even if he gets married and this made the two women give up on him but the guy thinks, after getting no response from them, they are still fighting over him.


2 comments on “Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 13

  1. Naya says:

    I hate Jung Won Mother …


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