Natsume Yuujinchou Go: Episode 1

The wait is finally over. The feels, the calmness, the warmness is back. I was crazily waiting for 4 October and then went more crazy when there wasn’t any update. I waited whole day and the episode wasn’t up and then I decided its time to go to bed and the episode was released. Time difference! Did I watch immediately? Hell no. I went to sleep and saw the episode the next day. Priorities, people priorities. I wake up at 4:30 am every day. I need my beauty sleep.

Coming back to the episode which I really enjoyed. As we all know Takashi can see yokai, ayakashi, spirits and other people can’t. He got this ability from his grandma, Reiko, from his mother’s side. She left a book full of names of yokai called Yuujinchou and bad and evil yokai are after the book because one can control the ayakashi whose names are written in the book.

Natsume Takashi is always mistaken for his grandma Natsume Reiko. He never knew her. The only image he’s of her is what the yokai tell him or what he sees from their memories. She’s always alone and smiling.

Takashi wants to know more about his grandma but she isn’t remembered in good words. She wasn’t married and had a child. Takashi’s mother don’t know who her father was and Reiko was labeled as a crazy woman because she can see what other people couldn’t. Its hard for Takashi to learn these things and Tanuma is there to comfort him.

An ayakashi labels Reiko as a thief and its hard for Takashi to believe and he finds the truth. Of course Reiko was not a thief. She’s suspected by both humans and the pot ayakashi but she didn’t try to clear the misunderstanding because she was used to it. Reiko did find a man who cared for her and its enough for Natsume to know she wasn’t alone as he visits the place his grandpa used to visit.

I like this theory that I read and then pondered upon. Takashi’s grandpa was a yokai, maybe he hid the truth from Reiko and then ran away thinking Reiko wouldn’t forgive him if she learned the truth. I don’t remember if the anime or the manga discussed Takashi’s mother seeing the yokai. Why didn’t she had the ability? Is this one of those things that skip a generation and then continue like that?

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