Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 16 END


I knew it. I knew you were never going to betray me. My heart did sink for a moment when you played the bad guy but my trust in you never faltered. Mom! Dad! I found the guy I want to spend my life, with even though he’s not real and has no idea who I’m but other than that I have everything under control. You can ask for his hand for me or is it done the other way, I’m not so sure. I’m sure about my feelings for him.

The surgery ended. Grandpa woke up and felt like he never had a surgery happened on him. Why was he moving so early or some time has passed? Ji woon after sleeping for few more minutes woke up as well and he too moved like nothing happened. I couldn’t feel the tension here. I knew he will wake up so I wasn’t much worried and so the scene didn’t have any impact on me. 

Grandpa as usual was against Ha won and Ji woon and Ha won gets in a situation where she needed money to help her father and so she leaves Ji woon’s side. Step family has started to treat Ha won nicely.

It’s Ji woon and Ha won who made the grandpa realize his mistake for separating the two lovebirds and he agrees for them to be together. The story of the ring gets solved and Ji woon and Ha won have actually met as kids and promised to meet again. I swear I haven’t found a single person from my kindergarten. I don’t even remember anyone’s name. I don’t know how K-dramas find first loves after gazillion years later.

Hye ji and Hyun min are lovey dovey as well and Seo woo who has finally given up on his love for Ha won and the grandpa has forgiven his wife and wants to be with her again. Yoon sung is called back to the Kangs.

and everyone goes on a picnic.


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