Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 11

Each one of you is special~

Both the wives won my heart. Yes, grades are not everything. Everyone has some potential in other departments and it needs to be nourished for that person to succeed in life. I wish parents don’t force their kids to do something they will eventually fail in. I love my parents for giving me a free hand, well they knew I wasn’t smart enough and I knew life’s hard without education. So I stuck to a path and I hope and pray for success to kiss my feet. Kudos to second wife for taking it on herself to make the younger brother a doctor.

There should be a warning, not to eat or drink anything before you start watching this drama. The sad scenes make me laugh more. The hilarious scenes don’t need any words. I laugh at the pitiful Hwa shin and the faces he makes.

Coming back to out loser hero, the one who is hopelessly and helplessly in love. He hates himself for being a mean jerk three years back to her and hates himself more for liking a woman his friend likes. He’s a friend he doesn’t want to betray but then he musters up the courage and tells his friend about his feelings for that girl. He can’t control his feelings. He can’t hide his feelings. He even buys a drawing from her youngest brother which has “I love you Pya Na ri”. 

Their friendship is one of a kind. They fight and bicker. They fall in love with the same woman but their friendship remains the same. Who’s going to take a step back? What if both of them decided to give up on their love for the other? Na ri give your answer.

Rak is having some major “winking” side effects, hence the glasses.



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