Love in the Moonlight: Episode 12

Are we entering the unhappy territory now? Sam nom’s real identity is almost out to everyone, even she herself knows who her father’s and only Young has no clue at all.

Yoon sang killing to protect Sam nom’s secret was a bit of a shock and he shocked Young too by protecting him.

Sam nom’s mother doesn’t wish for her daughter and Young to be together. She wants to leave and doesn’t want anything to do with the mask organization.

Young’s trust in Byeong yeon falters when he sees the mask and catches him lying again but he saves Young at the last moment so I hope there is still time to mend their friendship before it’s too late.

Young dismisses a minister for his corruption and Mr. corrupt decides to teach Young a lesson. He sends masked assassins so the blame can be put on the masked organization and Young gets hurt and Sam nom’s heart cries tears of blood. King’s asked by the prime minister to keep the whole incident hush and he will take care of it. Mr. corrupt is hiding a big deal from the prime minister. In total ten assassains were sent and only nine bodies were found and I think the last guy is in Byeong yeon’s hands.

Young gets better and I don’t know how many days have passed since the incident because he looks the usual happy and chirpy with Sam nom and their love story is getting a huge road block. Will they be able to overcome it or is the sad ending waiting for us?


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