Love in the Moonlight: Episode 11


Please! someone! take this puppy out of the palace and far from the politics. Can’t you see his tears and pain in his heart? He’s brave and strong I must admit and if there was anyone else he would have crumbled in front of the ministers and their shrewd politics.

Thank God Sam nom is there to soothe his pain and she brings smile on his face.

Is the queen bored or something? Does she not have enough drama in her own life? How many times has she called Sam nom and how many times has Young came running to handle the situation but this time it’s head eunuch who contributed as well in saving Sam nom. This scene was a deja vu to me with the teacher Jeong’s as well. Young just happens to be there when someone’s recognizing Sam nom.

Sam nom calls teacher Jeong, grandfather. He helped her and her mother from getting caught and was still in contact with her mother after her separation. On Young’s instructions he lets mother and daugher meet.

Young doesn’t need a wife from a powerful house to gain strength. He’s his brain and people like Jeong who are willing to help him. Young told Ha yeon, he’s someone else he likes so can she back off.

Byeong yeon is stuck between his friends. I just don’t want you to take a step you would regret.

Our lover boy needs to man up and tell the princess how he feels about her. 

4 comments on “Love in the Moonlight: Episode 11

  1. Jo says:

    Is the queen bored😂😂😂 I think she is or she thinks having more drama is fun?

    Liked by 1 person

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