Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 14


What’s gotten into you Yoon sung? What happened to the loyalty for the chairman? It hurts me to see you like this and I hope it’s just a facade, a game so your mother can’t takeover the company. If not, my heart will break into gazillion little pieces. Don’t do this to me. I loved you more than the other three knights. Don’t betray me like this.

Yoon sung mommy I don’t care about your love towards your son but you can’t give him something that doesn’t belong to him. How dare you create a rift between Ha won and Ji woon and how dare you blame Ha won for the chairman’s collapsing. Just know that Karma is a bitch and I’m a greater bitch than that.

I loved how the boys came running when they heard about their grandpa. This is what family is, they were worried about him and not like his wife trying to grab and takeover someone else’s place. Hyun min do something since you are the only one who has sensed Yoon sung’s acting strange.

Hye ji’s going somewhere I would prefer hell for her.

Ji woon follows his parents memory lane and finds how his grandpa separated his parents. The hatred which was subsided came back in full force but Ha won’s there to calm him and brought him back to the chairman because he’s the only one left who hasn’t been tested for the liver transplant and he’ll be a match or the grandpa will die without repenting and that would suck big time.

Ha won’s daddy has some major loose screws. First he said he can’t take her back because of the step family and then he appears again because he’s worried about her living with rich people. Really? Were you sleeping when you threw her out of the house and she had nowhere to go. That’s the house that gave shelter to her and not to mention the treatment she had to endure because you couldn’t do a smiple DNA test.


Is it me or is the drama just going randomly God knows where.


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