The K2: Episode 1

Solid first episode = I’m sold

The mountain has nothing to do with the drama except they share the same name, K2.

We don’t know who this little girl is or why her mother died or who took her to Spain and why or why she ran away or why the police is behind her. Seems like she is the hidden daughter of Se joon, Anna, and he has some contract about her with his wife.

We don’t know who this man is or why is he injured or who is he hiding from. They both accidentally meet in Spain and she begs him to help her and he does but she still ends up getting caught and he leaves her after showing some cool fight scenes.

We cut back to him 6 months later and he’s with a kitten and he gets the work to fix the banner of the presidential candidate, Jang Se joon and coincidentally Se joon is in the building with his shady mistress who is making sure he goes down in a big scandal while his wife tells on TV how lovely they have been living.

Lie, everything is a lie but one thing true is the unknown man has some awesome fighting skills and he takes care of the shady mistress’ men which the security guards couldn’t do and even took care of special forces who came to get rid of him. Chief Jo of the special forces knows the unknown man because he’s the one who trained him. Any name for the guy would be good now.


2 comments on “The K2: Episode 1

  1. Jo says:

    My first time watching the leads and even though it was action packed I felt like something was missing idk what, but I’ll watch ep 2 and get back to you

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