Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 13

What’s with the secrets spilling here and there and right and left?

First Ha won and Ji woon get caught by grandpa and Seo woo. And then grandpa sees his wife and Yoon sung together. And it’s too much for his poor heart, wait! it’s his liver that’s failing right? and he collapses but not before throwing Ha won out of the house because how dare a low life fall in love with a rich high being and on top of that his grandson. No wonder his sons were not happy with him. His meddling habit ruined the family and now he’s making the same mistake.

Grandpa threw Ji woon’s mother and her father who used to work for him and his own son left him as well. This surprises me why didn’t Ji woon got curious about the chained section of his storage room. He suddenly loses his cell phone and finds an album and it’s pictures of his parents and he realizes his mom lived in the house.

Then we have Ha won’s dad who apologizes to her because he misunderstood the situation before and she’s his daughter. Dafuq daddy? Why did you throw her out without getting the facts straight? The hell did you slapped her for? He throws his family out in the balcony, or whatever that tiny place was where Ha won lived all her life, because they treated her badly and he can’t take Ha won back in yet because of their treatment towards her.

Ha won’s mother died saving Ji woon’s mother? and the ring Ha won’s belongs to Ji woon’s mother and grandpa has his son’s ring.

I seriously don’t understand their push and pull relationship. They can’t be together, that’s what they have decided for now.


Last but not least Yoon sung’s gone soft towards his mother and wears the tie she bought for him and even dines with her and their happy moments end when the chairman sees them.


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