Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 10

You are mine~

My bromance is in danger, what should I do? Shall I throw Na ri out? Or I can take one of the boys if they are willing to come but I can’t jump in and they don’t know I exist, what to do!?

All of a sudden this drama is stressing me out.

Did Hwa shin got drunk by the rain? He’s walking in the rain and suddenly was acting drunk. Did the heartbreak make him drunk? Everything is his fault. He knew Na ri liked him but he’s too prideful to say his feelings so now he’s no right to ask Na ri about her change of heart. What was Na ri to do when her feelings were not reciprocated? Was she to wait all her life so he can feel satisfied? Why is he questioning her when he’s to blame himself for being a coward. I seriously don’t understand why didn’t he said or hinted that he liked her. Was it so difficult? Was it shameful? What was the reason he hesitated this much and now wants to fight with Jung won to get her back. Why hold her now that she’s moved on. He should stop, he lost his chance and let Na ri decide what she wants. Right now she’s happy with Jung won and that won’t last long because of his parents.

Did Jung won’s mother made this up or did absent father really said that he won’t divorce his wife if Jung won married that announcer? What’s wrong with his parents? Why are they pulling him in their fight? Can’t he live a life with someone he loves? Stop controlling your child for your own happiness! That announcer woman should just stop as well. Jung won told her, he’s no feelings for her and she shamelessly is moving forward. I would hate if Jung won’s friendship with Hwa shin breaks because of Na ri. His facial expression changed when he heard Hwa shin proclaiming his love for her.

I don’t think Na ri heard Hwa shin and if she did she’s no idea of the context of the story. At this rate it looks like Hwa shin moved to Ppal gang’s place not because of her but because of Na ri and Ppal gang’s being used just as an excuse.

Hye won is an interesting character. She’s ambitious and she’s gorgeous and I love her more when she curses but I don’t know if it’s Hwa shin she really wants.

This was quite a frank conversation between Rak and his sister where she gives him some pills because he’s weak down there and it’s a “wink” as a side effect. Little bro and his friend take some thinking its vitamin. And all of a sudden I was looking forward to the winking. Rak winks at the first wife and little bro winks at second wife and little bro was fast enough to cover it up and Rak slapped himself but this has given hope to the first wife.

It’s obvious Ppal gang is going to change her moms and they both have started to act like a mother to her but the gap her father has left is hard to fill but I’m sure it will be healed soon.


2 comments on “Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 10

  1. Naya says:

    Hi, Miss Khan … Thank you for always recapping Jealousy Incarnate, I will always support you, hehe … and I really like your honest opinion about everything, about the show, the story, the character, etc. I agree with you, Hwa Shin is totally … I don’t know, he really like such a jerk … Na Ri deserve Jung Won, since he is better than Hwa Shin especially Jung Won knows how to treat a women well … Ya, but the drama is still going on. Ep 11 today, you should watch them fighting in the mud, really funny 😆😂. Thank youu … I’m sorry if it’s too long.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank you so much for appreciating my work ^_____^
      YES, YES, YES, i enjoyed episode 11 so much. Hwa shin is a stupid jerk. Na ri should decide soon but we have lots of episodes to go so she has enough time. Jung won needs to win the fight from his friend, after all, everything is fair in love and war.
      Don’t worry about the long comments. Keep them coming.


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