Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 9

I like you~

Rumors baseless rumors that can tarnish one’s image and life or may give hope take the main seat as Hwa shin’s name gets attached to Na ri’s and Jung won’s with that announcer. Yes, I forgot her name already.

For Hwa shin it’s hard for him to hear Na ri saying she’s no feelings for him but she feels happy that her three year embarrassment has ended and she would have liked if the rumors were, “Hwa shin is the only one in love with her.” She’s no idea how right she is. Hye won is the only one who knows about one sided love of Hwa shin. Loved when he was pretending to be asleep when he saw her. Hwa shin is hellbent in denying his feelings for Na ri. He had the golden chance to tell Na ri about his feelings but instead he spoke for Jung won and had to see them kiss.

What does Jung won’s mother want? Her husband wants divorce but she doesn’t know that. She puts it out in the media about her son’s wedding and the couple’s pictures which just angers Jang won and breaks Na ri’s heart. But they go back together and Hwa shin plays a vital role and steps out of the picture after putting them together.

Things are happening at Rak’s place. Second wife accidentally slept in Rak’s bed, she’s drunk. The next day she didn’t accuse him but apologized. Almost everyone knows they spend the night together. First wife slept with Ppal gang and she wasn’t happy. Rak’s place has another visitor living with them and it’s Ppal gang’s grandma and there is a change in the wives behavior.


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