Love in the Moonlight: Episode 10

Is the king stupid or is the king stupid? Did he get the political power by marrying the prime minister’s daughter? No, instead he got more stupid and played in his palms like a puppet and is still being played. He doesn’t even know who is loyal to him or not and he talks about strengthening Young’s place. Has he no idea how much intelligent his son is? Young knows more about power and politics than his wimpy father.

My jaw just dropped when the prime minister was talking to his daughter, the Queen, and asked her not to worry about Young’s marriage as he has solution to everything but the words he used for her I don’t think a father can use those words for his daughter. -You were a gisaeng and I made you a queen.- Even the queen was shocked but she’s a cunning and wicked woman. She’s pregnant but the child’s a girl and not a boy and she’s hiding this truth from everyone including her own father. She’s a plan of swapping the children with other woman she’s locked in the palace. I thought that woman’s impregnated by the king but I don’t think so now.

Byeong yoon gets in crisis for lying about not finding Ra on and the person who helps him save his neck is the same person who saved him before, when young Byeong yeon saw his father being killed, and he’s none other than the head eunuch who is always with the king. He’s the friend of Gyung nae and a part of the secret organization and knows Sam nom is Ra on and Young wants to know how he knows that name.

Whenever these two are together there are always unicorns and rainbows and smiles. Young forgets about everything when he sees Sam nom and smiles brightly and gets jealous easily and his punishment is cute and it’s a kiss. He keeps calling her real name and wants her to stay her by his side. She’s similar symptoms going on except she pretends she’s fine and smiles hiding her pain and tears after learning about his marriage.

Am I to hate Yoon sung now? I know he doesn’t want Sam nom to be sad but she likes Young. You can’t force someone to like you. He didn’t want to marry Ha yeon because they both love someone else so why don’t they both understand the person they love are in love with someone else. Does only their feelings matter and not of the two who love each other?

I need to learn sword fighting so I can take out my frustration and anger as well.



5 comments on “Love in the Moonlight: Episode 10

  1. Jo says:

    Is the king like the one from Mor Mahal? Also, I agree, learn sword fighting 😊THAT WOULD BE SO COOL

    Liked by 1 person

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