D.Gray-man Hallow Episode 12

Its Casper wannabe’s fault, that Apoc whatever his name is. The Order has given the order to capture the Fourteenth. Everyone thinks Allen has betrayed them and left with the Noah. Did they not have CCTVs or anything like that in those times? Allen is not to blame. If not for Tyki and Road, Allen would have died or I don’t know whatever the Casper wannabe’s planning.

Link’s dead or so it seems. He’s not moving and Lenalee is the only one who believes in Allen. Crows have gone against the order and it’s a shock to the Order people and I was like, this is so last episode’s news. You guys have late reaction or what?

Tyki gets tired because he had to drag the huge Tim with him while Allen was holding Road. Tim gets angry when Tyki calls him fat. Tyki and Allen were about to cut each other but decided to talk. Tyki leaves with advice to solve the matters with himself instead going back to the Order and also leaves Road in his care. Road before disappearing tells Allen to move forward and those were Nea’s words to Mana. 

Allen leaves, through the Arc gate, leaving behind the Order and Noah and acts on Tyki’s advice.

Tim goes back to his original size when Allen says he can’t take him because he’s huge. Then why didn’t he go back before to his form before? Tyki had to carry him all the way. Tim were you trying to take revenge on him?

Hitler biatch is planning something again.



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