Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 12

Why isn’t there more screen time for Yoon sung? Ha won needs to get a mission so he can help. Suddenly the grandpa is not giving missions but order to Yoon sung because of his wife. She wants to secure a better future for her son and he hates the idea all together including his mother.

So why is Ha won still living in the house? She finished what was asked, all the boys live together and even though Seo woo is getting less and less lines but still everything is fine. Except Ha won and Ji woon have started dating HUZZAH! Did they forget the “no dating in the house” rule?

Thank God fake daddy arc didn’t drag. Young jin aka fake daddy got busted by Ha won and Ji woon and with this his plan for extorting money failed miserably.


Step-sister failed miserably as well when she decided to change her target from Hyun min to Seo woo. Girl needs some brain. Poor Seo woo is still stuck on Ha won. Move on boy, go get another girl like the uniform girl.


Who would have thought Ji woon would give advice to Hyun min and he would actually listen to it and act on it and get back to Hye ji. We are not getting a new girl for Hyun min so, sigh. Hye ji’s brother died in a car accident in front of Hyun min. The car was so far away her brother could have gotten out of the way or the car could have stopped but NO the drama wanted to put some gloom and doom, sigh.

Ji woon is smart enough to get a DNA test for fake daddy and Ha won, has he done it with himself and grandpa? For a second I thought Hyun min and Ji woon are wearing the same orangey/peachy sweater but nope the design is different

Ji woon finally tells Ha won he likes her WOOHOOOO!

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