Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 11

Where’s Yoon sung? He barely appeared and the whole episode was dedicated to annoying Hye ji for no reason. I didn’t feel a single thing about her. She’s supposed to be sad and miserable but her clothing was fashionable. It felt like instead of worrying about her father she spent time choosing the outfit. Who gave her the permission to assume what’s in Ji woon’s heart? She knew Ha won likes him and still tried to come between them. Where can I request for a truck of doom?

Ji woon finally woke up from the nightmare called Hye ji and leaves her for Ha won. YAS!

Hyun min plays the silent knight and helps Hye ji without her knowing. Where did the arrogant and over the top Hyun min go? I like that Hyun min because he’s totally absurd but full of colors. I don’t want him to end with Hye ji. A new girl needs to be introduced.


Step family’s plan backfires in trying to get the favor of new grandma and I was so satisfied.


Grandpa’s not satisfied and is suspicious of his own wife because of the present she gave him wasn’t the one he saw her buying. He asks Yoon sung to keep an eye on her.

Kang Young jin appears in front of Ha won claiming to be her father and its obvious he’s not and is after the wealth.


Ha won in shock leaves the house after meeting her new father. Her cell phone is dead and Ji woon is on his way to find her.


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