Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 8


Right next to you~

If this keeps going on I may keep changing ships and will drown before reaching the destination.

Na ri makes such a huge sacrifice for Hwa shin’s sake. He’s embarrassed to get the treatment and the rumors it may cause and Na ri steps in to help. Hwa shin’s worried about her reputation as well but she’s willing to do it. The doc is on Hwa shin-Na ri ship. Poor Na ri takes care of him and ends up getting drunk because he’s not allowed to eat or drink specific things.

The women in the studio have nothing to do so they get interested in this pair. Can they just mind their own business! What’s it to them if they are dating or not? Na ri should refrain from touching Hwa shin where everyone can see them though.

They are not the only annoying people. Hye won, the one with the strong political background, has feelings for Hwa shin. And then there is Soo jung the woman who wants to marry Jung won. She’s weird heck. She just causally tells Hwa shin she’s going to marry Jung won. Random much?

I have never seen Jung won talking like this to his mother. They must have been arguing before but we were not shown. One thing is clear he had a broken family. He makes it clear to his mother that he’ll marry the person he likes.

I have a bad feeling for the bromance. Na ri asked Jung won if he ever fought with Hwa shin and he replied there wasn’t any reason to and now Hwa shin knows about Soo jung the random girl and his own feelings are getting stronger. My bromance don’t leave!

Na ri likes Jung won but is worried about Hwa shin. Does that make her a player? She’s all lovey dovey with Jung won and with Hwa shin the feelings are a bit different.

It feels like we are watching two different dramas. One’s about our main trio and the other is about Ppal gang and her family.

Both mothers manage to live together in Ppal gang’s house but Ppal gang’s reaction to everything is so nonchalant. She wants attention from everyone, from her mothers, the boys her uncle that’s what I thought when she cried calling for her father.

Jung won’s mother is Rak’s sister and she asks him not to be associated with the two wives when she sees them fighting. This scene was so hilarious and Hwa shin couldn’t do anything.


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