W- Two Worlds Episode 16 END


And so the drama ended.

For some time I was having this feeling that the drama is losing its momentum and it’s not on its track anymore. Now I won’t have any more worries.

I was a bit flabbergasted when Chul was dying and asked Yeon joo to pick him up and he had no idea where he was. Why didn’t he sent his location? There were no cars when Chul was sitting at the bus stop but all of a sudden when Yeon joo arrived there was suddenly traffic.

Anyways there are two endings of W

In the ending of manhwa for the real world Chul dies but in the manhwa world Chul survives and daddy Oh dies and so does the baddie and Chul somehow comes to the real world to Yeon joo to live a happy life. No one knows how he’ll live. Love doesn’t fill your stomach.

And oh yes Soo hee apologized but I don’t care.


The manhwa world just ended after Chul left it? So the manhwa first came to life because of Chul, right? And the tablet played a huge part in it and I have some questions roaming in my head and there’s one word for all of them….WHY? Why did this happen and why that happened? And no answers…maybe I didn’t try to find them because I was getting tired of all this.


9 comments on “W- Two Worlds Episode 16 END

  1. Jo says:

    IM SO GLAD YOU BROUGHT THAT UP! Kdramas rarely have cars on the road but all of a sudden! It did make me sad when he called her to hurry up because he missed her😭, I also liked that we got to endings, did not care for So hee but I guess it was nice that she apologized. The ending was cheesy but still cute. The thing is, he fulfilled his role as a character so he was set free, daddy oh disappeared because he fulfilled his role but he also contradicted himself by saving the thing he was created to kill. Also, the tablet allowed them to go back and forth and if you remember they said the manhwa world is also real and there is some portal or whatever to the world is still going on but we can’t see it. ALSO, how the heck are they supposed to live, KC has no i.d what will they do to survive unless he start selling his services on line. Also they can’t married because he has NO I.D!! Anyways, i liked the ending and the hospital scene was super cute!!

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    • Miss Khan says:

      if there were no cars Yeon joo would have reached Chul sooner and would have realized he’s not dead but the drama wanted to scare us HMPH.
      the hospital scene ^____^ you wake up in your lovers arms ♥♥♥
      what services is Chul going to sell? i want to buy.
      the end was kinda MEH!. how is Chul supposed to live from now on?
      the drama started great for me but somewhere in the middle it went downhill and never claimed back its position. but all in all i enjoyed the journey even though the ride was bumpy.


      • Jo says:

        Haha he could fix computers or something haha idk but he needs a job😂😂 and the ending scene was cheesy but I heard they might have a S2 so maybe thats why but that is a BIG MAYBE. I agree, it was bumpy but I enjoyed it. I hope the actors get some awards especially Daddy Oh

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  2. Jo says:

    Realize my comment is long😂😂😂

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  3. Mary Bethany says:

    From what I know, Writernim wrote 17 eps, but was shortened to 16 eps, during her few interviews, she said the helming of the ship no longer under her rules. When scenes were cut, what do you suspect, she said herself she has no enough ep to deliver all her thoughts. She wrote as the eps goes, not as according to rumours that she already wrote everything right at right when it aired. She actually only wrote the finale near the last week or two.

    Ep16 start with the choice, of a happy ending or a sad ending, or just an ending: a reasonable ending. after all, yeonjoo being the actual creator of W, Kangchul was actually her brainchild, when it started of just as a rom-com, he may just be a normal character that may not even become the top best-selling comic character, as he may originated as just a handsome Olympic Gold Medalist, and have a story line of romance with Yeonjoo herself as a character in the comic! W will become a “Boring, ordinary, normal story of how a boy become the Gold medalist and win his girl…”. Then Chul in that World will never need to face Faceless killer, have his family killed, committed suicide, prisoned, framed for murdering parents, memories wiped …… yet also he won’t build a W Mega Corp, He won’t meet Doyoon or Sohee…
    but this Chul will not need to face the decision of taking back the role of protagonist from antagonist, which happened to be his own creator. Yeonjoo should have started and stayed his creator, his W comic world girlfriend in comic…. and be a couple with him, boring, ordinary, normal. But in that world, grew old, survive for 30 or 50 years. Just like other ordinary couples.
    Who cares about selling comics…. that story Yeonjoo written in the beginning was meant for herself, ….. Chul then will be a happier boy which is sure having his happy ending at final chapter. Ultimately we ask ourselves, apart from wanting thrill in seeing others having sad ending and remember the dramas well, isn’t it that we actually only want boring normal happy ending for ourselves?


  4. Mary Bethany says:

    “Anyways there are two endings of W”. (actually there are 3)
    haha. so right. because in this real world, there exist two kinds of idealistic people, that are total 2 polars diff.
    Sad ending: One preferred the spectacular “bing-bang-boom”, be arty, be thrilling, be mind-blogging, just don’t beg to be boring-normal, that’s why that’s trend that production crews loved Hero-dying sad ending to boost viewership. and Fans has been numb to accept this ending, you look at W-comic fans accepting Comic W35 sad ending “as long as it make sense.” this people wants their awe and move on. W sad ending without explaination were for them. the scene where Chul drop dead is ultra sad but is OK, these fans wants a sad ending to thrill. Checked, satisfied, whatever!

    Ending, be sad or happy: second kinda people are the Mid-range, kinda , which are the bloggers and recappers and zealous fans still asking, tons of questions. from the part SoBong take over in voiceover explain where Chul left off, Dad took over and kill HCH, and revived Chul.. a little explaination here there (not enough) were meant for fans like you all, who needs a closure, who don’t care whether sad or happy. you want reasonable explanations and logics. which left all these fans the least satisfied leaving the show. Not checked, highly not satisfied.

    Happy ending: the 3rd kind of fans is like myself, and the OTP fandom, which wants just a happy ending for OTP. because we want that for ourselves, our loved ones. be it boring, normal, ordinary, jsut be happy. its exactly what our parents will tell us. led a normal healthy life, just be happy. Checked. Satisfied.

    Song JJ labored to satisfied all 3 groups, within the limits of 16 eps, she can only do so for the two, leaving the middle one not. Now MBC is thinking of Session2. which i was thinking, in the beginning as well just ext to 17 or 18, and explain properly and bring back the lost adrenaline rush feels.


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