Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 7

Whose side are you on?~

More like…I give my love to you. Hwa shin T_T/ Jung won ^___^ /Na ri ♥____♥

What is Hwa shin to do when Na ri isn’t interested in him anymore? He’s already fed up with his life because of his brother dying and he won’t take the further treatment for his cancer. His mother threw him out of the house but she did inform Jung won’s mother so she’s not that cruel. Hwa shin almost blurts his own secret because he thought the video Na ri showed Jung won was of him wearing a bra but it’s him practicing his dance moves for the recruitment video. That doesn’t mean he can snatch her cellphone or touch her inappropriately. No cookies for Hwa shin. He tells Jung won and Na ri to date and is sure she will be dumped. That’s his inner desires and wishes screaming. And because he’s jealous because he couldn’t dare to tell Na ri about his feelings, he’s going to smoke again when he already stopped.

Jung won consoles and comforts Hwa shin for his loss and asks him to stay with him but Hwa shin doesn’t want to. Give me more BROMANCE. Why can’t he tell his mother he likes someone else? Are you a mama’s boy? No cookies for Jung won. Good thing he didn’t hear clearly about bra and still has no idea why Hwa shin and Na ri are fighting.

Na ri you sure you won’t go back to your choice or regret your decision or anything like that? I’m totally with you in liking one of them but please don’t switch sides suddenly. Its obvious one of them will be hurt but if you went with one and came back to the other, then no cookies for you either.

Ppal gang lost her father and her brains too. She tries to live a carefree life and causes trouble and the whole family gathers around to discuss who will be taking her. No cookies for her either. She’s playing with both boys’ hearts.

At this rate I will gain more weight or I can give the cookies to chef Rak. He’s stuck on who should take Ppal gang between her two mothers.



2 comments on “Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 7

  1. sunshine says:

    excuss me,,
    what is the song played at the begining of thhis episode, like traditional song, the one when hwa shin’s mom saw hum wearing a bra and punched him with a tray?
    thank you


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