Love in the Moonlight: Episode 7

Love knows no bounds~

We have Yoon sung who wants Sam nom to live her life as a woman. His grandfather has decided a girl, Ha yeon, for him but that’s another story.

Ha yeon has fallen for the prince but her father tells her about Yoon sung. She declares she’s to marry the one she loves.

Sam nom a woman pretending to be a man. She likes the prince but can’t say. She’s a kind and helping heart and so she helps deliver the feelings of two love birds, eunuch Ma and the princess’ maid. With this eunuch Ma is on Sam nom’s side well Yoon sung’s threat worked as well but Sam nom sincerity won him. He tells her how the palace is a dangerous place and she plans to leave when the time comes. 

Crown prince has put himself at a disadvantage to get Sam nom out of danger multiple times. His show down with the queen was my favorite part. Of course he’s hurt by the rumors about himself but he can’t control his feelings or his heart and he’s willing to gamble his reputation and love Sam nom and he seals the deal with a kiss. 

Byeong yeon knows needle work!!! This is news worthy or not because he stitches himself mmmm *look the sky is blue* tries to divert attention-


The rest of the politics is still going on.



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