D.Gray-man Hallow Episode 11


This is what happens when your own people don’t trust you. I was so glad Tyki and Road appeared to save Allen from that Apocryphos or whatever his name is, that cardinal guy. He’s the enemy of Noah and protector of the heart. He wants to become one with Allen. Damn hell NO.

This wannabe Casper is the one who shot Cross with his gun, but left the body then where did Cross go?


Road don’t die even if you are a Noah and I hated you so much when you poked Allen’s eye but you protected him this time from wannabe Casper. Damn you Tyki, you better have an explanation for Sheril. The crows are working for Noah?

The Order has issued an order to capture Allen because he’s a Noah and Lenalee has gone to fetch him before it’s too late and we don’t know about Link’s fate yet. He’s not dead, right?

Why is Tim so big? Why can’t he go back to his own small size? He can’t even fly now.



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