Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 10

The situation is getting worse and worse and my patience is running out. The couples are set BUT they won’t say their feelings but tease the other party.

Ha won never liked Hyun min it’s him acting all alone and hiding his true feelings he has for Hye ji and God knows why he confessed to Ha won. Hye ji never liked Ji woon romantically and still I don’t think she does. She’s ruining Ji woon and Ha won’s chance. Ji woon’s stupid, he’s not obliged to like Hye ji but is still acting on whatever she says. Stand up for yourself and follow your heart, you dimwit. Ha won be the smart one and speak up. This drama needs smart people ASAP.

Now that Hye ji’s father has gone bankrupt and she’s to live in the Kang’s house I don’t know how much I can tolerate her.

Seo woo don’t get tangled with Ha won or the love lines will stop making sense. Why you had to fall for her as well? 

Have the Kang boys never saw a girl or what. Every one of them is falling for the same girl.

They are mother and son and he doesn’t like her because she left him or something like that happened. I’m not happy because Yoon sung was sad but I’m glad he rejected the marriage meeting. He’ll find the girl himself. I’m right here.

Kang Young jin made an appearance again and he’s plotting something and so is the step duo. Right now I find everyone annoying in this drama except for of course Yoon sung. 


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