Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 6

Give me a chance~

Yes please I need to stop laughing even though the episode got serious and I got sad but the humor just jumped back. I love the unintentional comic scenes.

Hwa shin gets all serious about getting a bra because it would shape the chest and even wears one. Na ri captures him in a video and I was dreading if it will be send to anyone accidentally but they accidentally end up on a bed. I have a love-hate relationship with his arrogant personality and I wonder if he likes her then why isn’t he brave to say so. I love the kitty sound effects for him. His secret almost comes out when he runs into a female colleague in the hospital and makes up a lie for being there. Na ri sees them when she’s with Jung won but he didn’t see Hwa shin.

Jung won watches Na ri’s old video and this makes her embarrassed and she thinks about her mother and cries. I loved how Jung won treated her and this is where I love him more than Hwa shin.

Like Hwa shin and Jung won their moms are friends too. I almost forgot Jung won’s mother has someone in mind for her son. Go back mommy please…

Finally, the whole family gets together and its on the funeral of Ppal gang’s father. I knew it, her father wanted to see his whole family together once but it never came true in his life. As I was feeling sad Hwa shin’s mother saw him in the bra and started hitting him. I’m not sure if everyone saw his bra or not. He’s quick to cover himself with the tray. Its Ppal gang’s father’s wish for her to stay with second wife and only Rak knows this.

Is Na ri showing THAT video of Hwa shin to Jung won? Nah, right? Hwa shin was jealous to see Na ri laughing with Jung won and wished to die in his brother’s place plus he would take Na ri with himself.


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