Love in the Moonlight: Episode 6

Give me the fluffiness, cuteness, rainbows and unicorns and take away this pain ~

Young is in love with Sam nom but the damn secret ARRRGHHHH and so there are rumors that prince has a different taste but this won’t let him sit idle when Sam nom is being taken to the Qing even if it costs him his title of Crown Prince. At first I thought it was a bit stupid on his part trying to save “his person” while “his country” was in the line of danger due to his actions. But that was all a plan by Young, Byeong yeon and Yoon sung and they need to work together often. They make such a great team. Hurrah for rescuing Sam nom in time.

This damn eunuch Ma, he should have gotten his tongue clipped instead of “something else”. He’s the one who told the envoy about Sam nom and Yoon sung told him to shut his trap or he will lose his life if he ever said a word about Sam nom’s secret. Someone! tell the secret to Young before he marries someone else….NOOOOOOOOO

That’s not the only secret that needs to come out. We also have a birth secret about Sam nom. Her surname and the rebel’s, Hong Gyeong nae, surname is the same.

And yes, Jo Ha yeon, she’s the second female lead. Why did you appear? Things are already complicated. Who is Byeong yeon working for secretly? Sam nom saw Byeong yeon at the lantern festival, right? Prime minster asks minister Jo to become in-laws. Are you going to sacrifice Yoon sung or Young?

Just because they looked so pretty *_______*

Romance or Bromance?


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