Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 8

Chairman sent the group on a trip because he’s to be admitted in the hospital. His wifey’s way too shady, the way she met with the lawyer, who knows what’s she cooking.

Step mother meets Kang Young jin and tells her about his daughter Ha won. He recognizes Ha won’s mother’s name but not hers. He says he isn’t the father. 

No more drinking for Yoon sung. My fears are coming true, he’s related to new grandma. I wonder if he’s related to the chairman as well other than being his secretary.

Ha won again succeeds in her mission and it includes kidnapping of Hyun min and blackmailing Seo woo. After that no one cares about the schedule plan and clothes she made but her sincerity or drunkenness wins and they all end up drunk. They all need to get drunk on regular basis except for Yoon sung.

My hate for Hye ji just keeps growing. Hyun min gives vibes of being guilty. He likes her but thinks himself responsible for her brother’s death or something like that. The scene no one wanted to watch happens. They kiss. Kiddy one counts?. Can we get a new and less annoying girl for him? I don’t know how I’ll like her if she gets together with Hyun min. For now she’s using reverse psychology and asks him if she can be with Ji woon. No, but you can go to hell.

Seo woo has finally fallen for Ha won and here I though he would like Ja young. Well he’ll get her in the end, Ja young I mean.

The balance has shifted in Ha won’s life. She spends more time with Ji woon, be it horse riding or him finding her necklace and he almost saw her taking a bath but the most important is they kissed but they were drunk.


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