W-Two Worlds Episode 13

I don’t know anything anymore. I’m like the glasses guy who has no idea what’s happening but still is a part of the story.

It’s a habit of the drama to give love dovey scenes and then slamming us with the heartbreaking tragedy. Everything’s going fine. The webtoon ended the way Chul wanted with the baddies punished. He’s living happily with Yeon joo and meeting her parents and daddy Oh getting his face back. One day he suddenly saw Soo hee and she saw him too. It made him realize that if he thinks about a character it will appear.

Something else changed as well, the killer somehow got out once again and came to Yeon joo’s world. He then used the same technique Chul used to jump through worlds. Chul immediately follows after the killer to save Yeon joo but he’s late even though he kills the killer, Yeon joo is breathing her last.

Did the killer die for real this time? He’s come back way too many times for me to believe he’s dead this time.


7 comments on “W-Two Worlds Episode 13

  1. Jo says:

    Okay, so yes, everything is a LIE. Well, except for the way the webtoon ended. The webtoon ended with the funeral but if you watch closely you’ll see that the happy scenes were all a dream YJ said this wgat she wished would happen while walking to see KC at the cafe. Also, the killer is dead like KC just killed him and didn’t stop shooting even after thw bullets were done(daddy Oh got his face back because of that) poor YJ and KC, they just want to be together!! But I think they might have to separate 😭😩 also I think its because at one point the killer became aware and because he became a main character he was able to summon himself out. kC said that when he say SH. There’s a blurred line between our worlds. Okay, going to stop now☺

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    • Miss Khan says:

      you understand the drama better than me. i only need a nice and clean ending…is it too much to ask. only 3 episodes left T_T


      • Jo says:

        Haha and I want a clean ending too!!! The writer also wrote Queen In hyuns man so they will have a happy ending but they’re going to have to work through some stuff to get there. Im glad he is falling in love all over again💓💓💓

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        • Miss Khan says:

          i remember going crazy over Queen In hyun’s man (who wasn’t?) but i never saw the last episode. i know how it ended though and i remember the complains and disagreements and now i’m going to listen to the Ost because i suddenly miss that drama.
          lets just hope W ends on a happy note.

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          • Jo says:

            The ost was beautiful actually everything about the drama was beautiful and I second that, hope W ends on a happy note ☺can’t believe we have 3 eps left

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  2. Mary Bethany says:

    “It’s a habit of the drama to give love dovey scenes and then slamming us with the heartbreaking tragedy.” I keep hearing people nowadays acknowledging “tragedies is fine” theory, saying as long as it add something to a storyline to make it reasonable.
    Let’s say, if we in our own real life, at the end of our golden-age, do we also wanted to act arty and tell ourselves, “i had lived well since my life is classy, tragedies add edges to storyline, so if sad ending happened to my life, it do add some exciting moments when people looking at my life stories, so i liked my tragedies, don’t mind tragedies keep happening to my loved ones, as long as it add something to my story after i die….” (okay, while people loved to see Classy/Art-house Tragedies, they wont want that to play in their life. While i may faced life turmoil, but with God’s help i depend on HIM to face pains, but i don’t laud tragedies to befall me to angst my dear ones or welcome separation from my dear ones to angst into missing me. i won’t sing praises to “tragedies is good”, that’s why I don’t like it when authors always throw in tragedies for the sake of trying to throw an impact to the story to make it “memorable”.
    Hope tonight won’t fail me.

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    • Miss Khan says:

      I don’t like tragedies myself but sad endings are something else.I watch dramas to escape from the reality and to live in the fantasy world to forget the “bad things” but when drama goes on the tragedy lane one can just say that its a drama and not real life. These people are not suffering in real or i can see myself in them and want them to succeed in finding happiness.
      True unnecessary tragedies ruin the mood and flow of the drama.
      So, how did you life the end of W?


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