W-Two Worlds Episode 12

Chul’s world stops and a screen appears before Yeon joo and Chul and they both step into Yeon joo’s world. Why did the screen suddenly appear?

Even though Chul doesn’t remember Yeon joo but he wants to do the things her husband did. He’s enjoying his life with her but he knows the danger that’s still lurking in the form of killer and him disappearing. He asks her to help him.

He realizes daddy Oh is not the creator of the manhwa. Killer tells Chul about the promise daddy Oh made. He’s promised to have a face and was to be the main character but daddy Oh went back on his word. If the killer knew he’s just a fictional character then why was he furious after finding out in Yeon joo’s world about the manhwa?


Chul finds out a way to enter and exit the manhwa world and catches the killer, fakes his death and comes back to Yeon joo. He makes sure the manhwa world stays and gives other purpose to his friend so they don’t disappear.


2 comments on “W-Two Worlds Episode 12

  1. Jo says:

    So many things happened in 12 and I like how KC seems to have changed and agedbin a short time, he seems calmer than before I like the new KC. OMG I WATCHED EPV13 WHILE GETTING READY AND WOW, JUST WOW 😱

    Liked by 1 person

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