Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 3

I wanted to name the episode – It Hurts.

Hwa shin takes Na ri’s side at the station. He doesn’t want her to be fired. He takes her home even though he pretends he doesn’t care about her. He’s devastated to learn he’s breast cancer. He asks the doctor to not to give him scars and to make his chest the way it’s. He hides his own pain, suffering and embarrassment he had to go through. The second wifey has gone to his house and I’m dreading what she’ll find there.

Na ri loses her job. Shares her fears and problems with her brother. Has no idea Jung won is her complainer and doesn’t have a cancer but has a lump in her chest that should be removed. She and Hwa shin both end up in a same room and she’s shocked to see him there.

Why does it seem like the gynecologist put them in the same room deliberately?


Jung won *_________* stop looking so good-looking and don’t get your heartbroken. Just know that I’m here for you.

How come not one of the three know where Ppal gang lives? What the hell were they busy with to neglect her father and her? She hiding from Hwa shin means she doesn’t want him to know her whereabouts but still complains about him or the mothers not being there.


The random dance makes me think father’s going to die and he wants to see friends and family one last time. I hope I’m wrong.


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