Love in the Moonlight: Episode 4

It’s good Sam nom realized Young’s not joking about him being a prince. Her expression was priceless. Its sweet Young asked her to treat him as she used to but I don’t think she got what he meant. But I like how he teases her.

Young’s major things to do to prove himself in front of the Qing envoys that are coming on the king’s birthday and the ministers and the queen are there to thwart the plan. Young’s smart, he has prepared the counter attack with the help of an exiled teacher, and the ministers have no choice but to bow down to the king and Sam nom steps in to help without Young knowing just like Byeong yeon asked her to. 

Young almost saw Sam nom dressed as female two times and Yoon sung was there every time. He likes her! I’m sure Young didn’t saw them hiding.

One of my favorite scene’s Young thinking of his mother in the rain and thinking about her again at Sam nom’s dance.

Am I supposed to panic here, one of the eunuchs saw Sam nom dressing as a girl.

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