Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 6

While the whole school was going KKYYYAAAAAA over Hyun min and Seo woo I was going KKKKKKKYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA over Yoon sung. That shows that I’m into mature, handsome, the one who can cook and fight and is jack of all trades kind of guy. I so want Ha won to go with him. Come on drama be a little different or find me a man like him. NOW! Or stop giving me false hope!

Coming back to the episode. Ha won thinks she failed her mission and quietly leaves the house. She didn’t know Ji woon secretly came and went, the others came in front of her. I’m surprised there are lots of maids and servants and security guards and no one saw her going with her bags.

Anyways, step mom and sis were annoying as ever and I loved Yoon sung for throwing them out. Step sis goes mad in jealousy and spouts all sort of nonsense on the internet and so Ha won becomes the target of bullying but fret not her four knights arrive to save her.

Ha won’s friendship with Hye ji is not sitting well with me and especially not now when her hope has broken again, after knowing about the fake engagement, and the whole school+the world knows about Hyun min’s love confession to Ha won. There’s a change of expression when Ji woon heard about Ha won and Hyun min were in fake relationship. Oh well he needs to step up if he wants her because Hyun min wants to go real this time.

Hyun min doesn’t like his mother because she left/abandoned him. She wanted him to secure his place as the heir. This woman has serious problems, she brought up the heir thing again at the death anniversary in front of everyone. I found it funny when grandpa said his sons might have many more children and he’s going to find them. Dude forget the heir thing, you can’t control three, if there are more God knows what will happen… Ha won would have more guys protecting her and wooing her…

I love Ha won’s friend but I LOVE Yoon sung MORE


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