W-Two Worlds Episode 10


I’m still stuck on…how is the killer controlling everything?….who gave him the power?…that someone should give me the power of thinking as well…

okay so the killer takes control of daddy Oh’s face and orders him around and faceless daddy Oh has no choice but to follow. I don’t think faceless daddy Oh can control is body and thoughts anymore. Killer has decided to ruin Chul’s life.

Yeon joo gets stuck in Chul’s world for days. She tries to steal but gets caught by him. She pours her heart out and he looks at her cluelessly but still doesn’t hand her to the police and that’s a good idea.

Chul can’t have peace in his life. He gets framed again and has to run for his life and once again Yeon joo is there to help him.

My favorite scene, not because of the kiss, her tear rolls from the eye and falls on his cheek…


3 comments on “W-Two Worlds Episode 10

  1. Jo says:

    I think its because he stayed in our world longer it kind of made him stronger OMG our poor OTP like can they catch a break?!! Also, I laughed when she said she’d prefer to go jail because they feed you and it was her happiest moment too. Both of them just can’t catch a break but the last scene was shot so beautifully 😭😭Im about to watch ep 11 now

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    • Miss Khan says:

      the killer has gotten more and more powerful T_T what if we don’t get a happy end? or both of them are happy in their own worlds? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
      you watch the episodes raw? you can understand Korean?


      • Jo says:

        That scares me too, that they’ll be happy in their own world. And I watch raw(I watch all dramas like that), I understand a little because all the drama watching haha but I watch it on a site that puts subs an hour or 2 after they post it too hdfree.se but becareful because sometimes pop ups come up and sometimes dramafire has fast subs

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