Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 1

Jealousy Incarnate.jpg

My verdict: I’m in

Our girl Pyo Na ri is a weather forecaster who wanted to be an anchor. She lowers herself and do as much work as she can to earn money for her brother’s education. The siblings share a sweet bond. They live in a friendly building, where everyone cares for each other. She finds herself falling for Go Jung won because he treats her differently. She had a thing going on with Hwa shin and it ended for some reason.


Go Jung won is a wealthy man. He meets Na ri in the airplane and recognizes her as the weather woman and when he’s not with her, he thinks about her. Jung won also meets his old friend Hwa shin.

Lee Hwa shin is a typical guy who thinks highly of himself. He had something going on with Na ri three years back. They meet again and she ends up injuring him and then whenever she finds the chance she grabs his chest and in the end reveals the reason. She thinks he’s breast cancer and he yells that he’s a man.

Hwa shin’s brother lives in Na ri’s building with his daughter and that’s not the only connection, Hwa shin’s ex sister-in-law and current sister-in-law work in the same studio.

I fainted with cringey-ness at the video of recruitment and bunnies and kitties have invaded our world.


2 comments on “Jealousy Incarnate: Episode 1

  1. coffeenlucia says:

    I thought the cartoon bunnies at the beginning of the episode were a part of a commercial, lol.

    I like the drama so far but I think I might get second lead syndrome again…

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