Love in the Moonlight: Episode 2

One thing is cleared about Young being a prince, lets wait how may more episodes till he realize Sam nom is a woman.

Once upon a time there were three friends and a minister decided to ruin the friendship and there goes my bromance but fret not we have a new trio of friends and soon there will be a love triangle as well. But the most important thing’s who’s going to die???


Young’s lonely that’s for sure that’s why he busies himself in silly and childish activities. I hope his mother died a natural death not because of some political poisoning.

This old man is everywhere. He’s the prime minister. Father to the queen. Grandfather to Yoon sung and the most powerful person in the king’s court. Poor king has no authority what so ever.

Who’s this masked man? Why is he targeting the minister?vlcsnap-2016-08-24-10h02m12s125.pngYoon sung is lonely too and he definitely knows Son nam is a woman.

guy in black, Byeong Yeon is the bodyguard to the prince.

Hurrah!! for the lightness and may the King have some power. I feel bad for him and now that his wife is expecting a child things are going to turn worse in the court of politics



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