Love in the Moonlight: Episode 1


What’s the name of the drama? Moonlight drawn by clouds/ love in the moonlight/The drama which has moonlight in it..?

Its sweet, its cute its funny, it’s a girl dressing as a boy and a smiling prince and their misunderstanding and a weak king and politics which I hate.

He’s our smiling prince, Lee young, crown prince Hyomyoung. He tries to impress his father but the wind sides with the king and the truth comes out. Young’s a sister he adores and she’s a boy she likes but has never met. They keep in contact through writing. Lee young can’t have just anyone for his sister and he meets him personally.

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The lover boy chickens out and sends Sam nom who has been helping him in writing the letters. The thing is Sam nom is a woman, Ra on, dressed as a man. She’s willing to do anything for money because she’s a debt to pay. She deeply cares for her “father” who raised her and has no biological connection to her. He cares for her too but pretends like he doesn’t. Ra on is an expert on love counseling and in disguising herself. She wasn’t allowed to dress as a girl when she was young.

She meets the crown prince and the misunderstanding starts. He thinks Sam nom’s the man his sister likes and Ra on thinks Young and his client are lovers. One thing leads to other and they end up falling in a pit where Ra on leaves him alone but he finds his way back somehow.

Ra on meets a guy, Kim Yoon sung, who helps her hide her identity from the guards who are their to catch her because she let a servant and a noble man’s daughter-in-law elope. Yoon sung knows she’s a girl dressed as a boy.

Ra on is sold to be a eunuch, because of her debt, and she cries, she doesn’t have one.

She bumps into a guy dressed in black and she notices the gash on his sleeve.

vlcsnap-2016-08-23-11h23m01s560.pngWho would have thought she would run into Young in the palace or wherever they are.

vlcsnap-2016-08-23-11h22m39s463.pnglast but not the least King’s a puppet in his minster’s hand.



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