W-Two Worlds Episode 9


What’s happening? Why is it happening? How is it happening? Why is the webtoon not ending? Why does it keep coming back to life? Is the faceless killer really controlling the webtoon? Why does he have that power?

The drama changed is genre once again from action to cheesy romance to thriller and God knows what will come next.

When the faceless killer met daddy Oh in the airplane, I thought he possessed daddy Oh. There’s this vibe coming out from him. Daddy oh and the faceless killer had some promise going on where daddy Oh promised to give an identity to him?

First I thought it’s Yeon joo’s imagination she seeing Chul but no, she’s frequently transported to his world but why? She can’t help but cry in pain and he’s no idea who she is. She doesn’t have pictures with him so she cuts their happy moments from the manhwa and puts in her room and her mother steps on the wound saying, to put her real boyfriend’s pictures. OUCH

Daddy Oh came back when he heard about the recent incidents with Yeon joo and to see the message Chul left for him. Chul asked daddy Oh to give the killer an identity and end the webtoon with a happy ending. Daddy Oh makes himself the faceless killer because Chul’s seen his face when he stabbed him and the rest of the story will progress as it was originally supposed to be.

And then things take a turn for some reason. I NEED THAT REASON.

Yeon joo gets teleported to Chul’s world and everything’s gone wrong there. The killer’s showed up in Chul’s broadcasting station and shot everyone and showed his face and he’s daddy Oh.

Glasses guy gets a shock of his life when he sees daddy Oh without a face. Daddy Oh says, the killer took it.

The killer can walk through both the worlds? Does he remember everything? This should not be happening.



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